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The rise of the wedding speechwriter: villain, saviour or both?

The wedding speech. Three words that strike fear into the hearts of grown men (and women) everywhere.


True there are some who enjoy it and love the buzz that comes from being the centre of attention, but for a great many the thought of public speaking combined with the pressure to come up with a heartfelt and entertaining speech causes nausea, sleepless nights, panic attacks and extreme anxiety.


If this sounds like you, or someone you know, then a professional wedding speechwriter, like Anita Stevens, might be your saviour.
Anita, who helps people (mostly men) find the right words for the big day, says that people often assume everyone can write a great speech, but the reality is that not everyone can – for the same reason not everyone is a handy man or a good cook.


“Some people simply cannot turn what’s swirling in their head into something eloquent and meaningful on paper. Others simply don’t know what to say or can’t find the words to describe how they feel,” she says.


And that’s where Anita can help. Anita translates their thoughts, feelings and stories into a well-written speech they can deliver with confidence.


While most people agree her service is a great idea, Anita acknowledges that there are some who need a little extra convincing.


“I have had a small number of brides tell me they would be very upset if their groom hired a speechwriter and they consider it cheating – but they usually come around after I explain the collaborative nature of the process.


“Essentially, I combine my clients’ words and stories with my writing skills so it still comes from the heart and they still sound like them – only better.”


Anita says her process also has the added benefit of drawing out the words that many brides long to hear but may not have, had their groom been left to his own devices.


“What kind of speech would you prefer? One where he gets up says “Yeah she’s great”, offers a few lame jokes about his best man and then sits down, or one where he talks about what he loves about you and why you’re The One? Working with a speechwriter can provide an opportunity for brides to hear something unexpected and really beautiful.”


So what do you think? Is hiring a speech writer or gently pushing your groom in the right direction something you would consider?

If you, or someone you know, is struggling to find the right words for the big day, why not get in touch with Anita at Write It For Me.


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  1. Hi Anita, How much will it cost me for my speech? I’m getting married next year March 13, 2016, Sunday. Also, if I am considering having a speech writer how am I going to share our story with you? Is it by phone, Skype or by email? Honestly, I don’t really know how am I going to start with my speech. I saw your blog–stuff/wedding-speeches-an-infographic-guide it was an awesome guide. Our wedding reception will be in Westella Renaissance located at 3 New St East, Lidcombe. We already checked the wedding reception place and it was luxurious, unique, intimate wedding venue. After seeing the wedding venue place I got more nervous because imagine how many people are attending my wedding and it will be like my first time speaking in front of a hundred people. I badly need help, I’m not really a good speaker in my entire life and I am afraid of speaking in front of crowds. By the way the wedding reception and wedding ceremony will just be in one place. We decided that kind of setup so we can cut expenses, making it affordable for us. The only problem now is finding a priest willing to come with us.

  2. Hi Wendy, congratulations on your upcoming wedding! A speech from scratch costs $295 and the way it works is we have a quick chat over the phone and the rest is over email. If you email me your number at, I’ll give you a call to discuss.

  3. I agree that writing wedding speeches is a collaborative process where the writer organises and polishes the information provided by the speaker. Since 2005 I have written hundreds of speeches and it has worked out well for my clients.

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