Wedding Trend: Wedding Donuts

The Next Big Thing: Wedding Donuts

First it was cupcakes. Then macarons. We are still loving naked cakes but there is a new ‘feature food’ coming to a wedding near you – the humble donut.

I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t like this doughy ringed treat; people just tend to have preferences. Warm with cinnamon sugar, plain vanilla glazed, with or without sprinkles, decadent sweet filling. Whatever your poison, there is so much you can do with these delights and they look a site displayed at your reception – maybe in your wedding colours even!

So what creative ways can you use donuts at your wedding?


Instead of a traditional cake.

We love cake, but nothing says fun like a donut. Similar to the cupcake and macaron towers, donuts can be stacked on cake tiers to create a ‘donut cake’!

Donut Wedding Cake

Erin Jean Photography

Donut Wedding Cake

Maggie Ruggiero


Donut decorating bar.

A fun way to get your wedding guests up and interacting with each other! Have some plain donuts with different icings and toppings and ask your guests to DIY their own dessert!

DIY Wedding Donut Bar

Kojo Designs


A fab favour.

The perfect size to fit into a cute box or takeaway bag, the humble donut is becoming a fast favourite wedding favour!

Donut Wedding Favours

Sugar and Charm

Donut Wedding Favours



Creative centrepiece.

Because who doesn’t want a stack of delicious snacks in the centre of their table?! Plus you can use them to add a bit of colour to your wedding styling or use them to hold place cards or table numbers!

Wedding Donut Styling and Ideas

Heather Baird

Wedding Donut Styling and Ideas

Sara Gray

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